Upcoming Performances

Updated June 16, 2020

No currently scheduled performances with Corey’s bands at the moment. Also, my Facebook page is more likely to be updated with this info. https://www.facebook.com/coreygemmemusic/

For my appearances with other bands, please visit their websites below:

Bands I often perform with:

Janet Klein


The Big Butter Jazz Band


Ginger And The Hoosier Daddys


Dave Stuckey and The Hot House Gang


Lizzy and the Triggermen


Jonathan Stout


Glen Takakjian - T-man and the Swingin’ 88s


Dutch Newman and The Musical Melodians


Johnny Crawford


old recordings

Corey Gemme, a native of Los Angeles, picked up the trumpet at about age 10 being inspired first by Herb Alpert and the Tijuana Brass, then  by listening to a Big Band radio station his parents used to play in the house and in the car. Corey was particularly influenced by Louis Armstrong, Red Nichols, Harry James, Charlie Shavers, Bunny Berrigan, and Bix Beiderbecke among others.

In the early 1980’s, Corey studied music at Pasadena City College and California State University Los Angeles and began his musical career.

Corey has found a niche playing early traditional Jazz from the 1920‘s era and swing music of the 1940‘s. He has performed at countless Traditional Jazz Festivals and events around the country with many groups including the Hot Frogs, Conrad Janis and the Beverly Hills Unlisted Jazz Band, Janet Carroll, Johnny Crawford, Dean Mora's Modern Rhythmists, The Black Swan Jazz Band, Jim Cullum's Happy Jazz Band, The Reynolds Brothers', The High Sierra Jazz Band, The Titan Hot Seven, and Banu Gibson.

He was regularly featured guest artist at the Sweet and Hot Jazz festival in Los Angeles for its last 8 years and was the trumpet instructor for the Mammoth CA Jazz Camp and performed at the festival the weekend after.

Corey leads three of his own bands.  His his  DIXIEBOP QUARTET and THE WABASH WAILERS, and in 2012 started Corey’s Rolling Figs Jazz Orchestra, which performs all original material written and arranged by Corey.

Corey’s traditional Dixieland band playing all your Dixieland favorites. The Wabash Wailers ranges between four and seven pieces.

Corey’s mostly swing with an occasional bee-bop flavor quartet playing early Jazz and Swing classics and originals. With Piano, Cornet, Clarinet, Trombone, Vibraphone and Drums.

Corey's 9 piece 1930's-ish sounding ensemble performing all original songs composed and arranged by Corey.  The Rolling Figs contain within it, Corey’s Dixiebop Quartet

He currently preforms at Disneyland throughout the year, and with his Wabash Wailers at Knott’s Berry Farm during the summer. He also regularly performs with The Big Butter Jazz Band, Janet Klein And Her Parlor Boys, Ginger And The Hoosier Daddys, Dave Stuckey And The Hot House Gang, Lizzy And The Triggermen, Dutch Newman and The Musical Melodians, Johnny Crawford, The Jonathan Stout Orchestra and The Campus Five and many other groups.

The most common venues in Los Angeles for all these popular bands are Joes Great American Bar and Grill, Cliftons Cafeteria, Cicada Club, Rusty’s Rhythm Club, Por Vous, The Pasadena Ballroom Dance Association, Atomic Ballroom, The Edison and numerous other venues.

Corey has traveled throughout the US, Canada, Australia, Japan and China, England, Sweden, Europe, and appeared as a featured guest at the Sancy Snow Festival in France, and In the small bit of spare time he has, he can be found making ceramics, scuba diving, Hang Gliding, and doing scenic photography which results in an annual scenic photo calendar of his travels which you can view on the photography page.  Photography