For those of you are always telling me that you wish you could hear me perform more often, this is a chance for you to help me get booked at more Jazz festivals.

Either as guest artist, or with my Dixiebop Quartet and even my 9 piece Rolling Figs Jazz Orchestra.

To help me do this, I've started my official COREY GEMME fan club. 

No cost or obligations

Just send me an email that says you would like to join the COREY GEMME fan club.

I’ll send you contact information for the different festivals so you can write the festivals and tell them "hey, you should hire this Corey Gemme guy so we can come hear him play".  Or something like that.

I’ll keep you updated with new festival information and eventually maybe a line of T-shirts or ball caps or decorative erasers and things like that. I’'ll take suggestions on what kind of other stuff we should do with this fan club. 

So help me to help you. Get me into some festivals so I can play some Jazz for you!

Please send an email to:


Thanks in advance for you support.

'I play Jazz so you don't have to.'

Presenting  the ‘official‘
fan club.
If you like your music hot, then be a fan!